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  • Ending Life with Compassion

    Thu Jan 12 09:41:15 EST 2012 by: ICVH Tag: "News" 

    Anyone who is caring for a pet who is very elderly and frail, or is in end-stage terminal illness, probably has some level of understanding of what it means to provide hospice care. Hospice is focused on giving pets a safe, caring, intimate end-of-life exp (read more)
  • Bringing home a New Puppy

    Mon Jan 09 12:43:29 EST 2012 by: Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital Tag: "News" 

    Introducing a new puppy to your home can be an exciting and challenging time.
    Remember, they are cute for a reason! Puppies are babies, and they require extra care. Use the following tips to make your new family member’s transition into your home as smo (read more)
  • Pet food: Chicken byproduct

    Mon Jan 09 12:42:52 EST 2012 by: Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital Tag: "News" 

    When we see "chicken" listed as the first ingredient on a bag of food, we picture a nice whole chicken breast like what we'd eat ourselves.  That is not the case.  According to the group that standardizes animal feed labeling, "chicken" refers to (read more)
  • Cold Weather

    Mon Jan 09 12:41:24 EST 2012 by: Indian Creek Veterinary Hospital Tag: "News" 

    Cold Weather Tips

    There is no doubt that winter is on its way.  As temperatures drop there are some special considerations for our pets.  Did you know that…

    … salt products used to melt ice can be very irritating to delicate paws an (read more)